I started this during a rather auspicious time. My son and I are both going through a bit of a rough patch. Well frankly, it's more likely that I was going through a rough patch and he was picking up and getting my stress. That's what WS kids do. They feel everything. It is a magical gift that I wouldn't wish upon anyone. He shouldn't have to feel my pain. 

So we've actually had an wonderful week. He has been kind and brave and a lot of fun. He's listened when I've needed Jim to do so. I've done a better job of recognizing earlier how my stresses and frustrations affect him so I can adjust my vocal tone and calm things down. 

He makes me so happy and proud. He's literally the best thing I will ever do in my life.  

Next up, I just did one of the scariest things a parent of a child with special needs can do: send out birthday invitations to his party. He's got friends, but it's always a fear in my mind: will anyone come to his birthday? Ugh.