TV & Film Reel

ABC's In an Instant. Committee Films

Bobby's Run Off
directed by John J. Kaiser. Prod. Cutjaw Films

DuPont Pioneer

"The Lindstroms" - Grand Casino

United Health Group: "Compassion" with Bennett Liestman

From the Ordway's Broadway Songbook of Stephen Sondheim. Originally uploaded by Lori-Anne Williams
Six Flights/Dear Kelly #1 from Nautilus Music-Theater's production of Timothy Huang's "The View from Here."

PBS' Antiques Roadshow Commercial: "Be More...Surprised" 

Every Fan Counts #1

Every Fan Counts #2

Arctic Cat

Long Live Rivalry Commercial #1

Long Live Rivalry Commercial #2

Argosy University

"Dharma and Greg" for Channel 45 Twin Cities

The Origins of Sheridan / The Creative Class by Geoff Herbach and Stephanie Ashe

Herbach goes golfing with Johnny the Drunk Guy from the April Powderkeg! by Electric Arc Productions.